Preparatory Course for Undergraduate Physics

Course Provider

Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Continuing Education and Training Certificate


This Physics course serves as a bridging course to bring students to the level of u​nderstanding to handle the rigours of Physics and Physics related curriculum at university level.

*Certificate of Completion will be issued basing on given criteria. There will be four online self-evaluation assessments with 20 questions each. The question comprises a mixture of MCQ, True/False and fill in the blanks and have to be completed within 60 minutes. Students will be required to pass all assessments but they will be given more than one try.

Students will learn the followings:

  • a basic skills in handling units and measurements.
  • a basic understanding of motion with constant acceleration. 
  • a basic understanding of momentum, force, energy in linear and rotational motion.
  • a basic understanding of microscopic structure and behaviour of solid, liquid and gases; charge transfer and electrical conduction.
  • a basic understanding of temperature and thermal energy.
  • a basic understanding of electricity and magnetism.
  • foundation knowledge for advanced topics. 
  • basic analytical skills through problem-solving in mechanics, thermal Physics, electricity and magnetism. 
  • how theoretical concepts are used in analysing real situations.

This course introduces fundamental concepts in mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism. Topics covered include:

  • Units and Measurements
  • 1D kinematics 
  • Basic 2D kinematics, Vectors 
  • Forces and Newton’s Laws 
  • Torque and Systems in equilibrium
  • Work done, Energy and Power 
  • States of Matter and Thermal energy and Heat Capacities 
  • Thermal energy; Ideal Gases 
  • Electrostatics
  • Current of Electricity and Basic Circuits
  • Magnetic Fields and Forces
  • Electromagnetic Induction 
  • Basic Calculus in Physics

NSFs and Working Professionals

Standard Course Fee: S$222.10

All fees stated are inclusive of 8% GST