Engineering Mechanics - Statics

Course Provider

Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Continuing Education and Training Certificate


This course provides a bridge that links the 2nd direct entry students to mechanics of solids subjects in the 2nd year of university.

*Certificate of Completion will be issued basing on given criteria. Please take all the required online tests and score at least 50%.


Upo​n successful completion, students should be able to grasp: 

  • Concepts of equilibrium 
  • Free body diagrams 
  • External and Internal forces 
  • Applications to practical problems
Section 1 : Fundamentals and Principles 
Section 2 : Forces and Equilibrium
Section 3 : External and Internal Forces

NSFs and Working Professionals

Standard Course Fee: S$222.10

All fees stated are inclusive of 8% GST