CET180 Information Discovery in the Age of the Internet

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Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI)



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The Internet and its associated technologies have made a great deal of information more accessible than ever before. Nevertheless, navigating this information requires certain intellectual skills, including an understanding of how these technologies work and the social context in which they are embedded.


This FlexiMasters module will enable individuals to obtain and understanding of the technical and cultural operation of some of these new information tools, most especially Wikipedia, but also Google Scholar and Google Books. It will also address in general terms the interpretation and evaluation of information sources. It is aligned to the Digital Media SkillsFuture area. 


This course is part of:

- Graduate Certificate in Information Management and Analytics
- FlexiMasters  in Information Management and Analytics

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  • Develop skills to interpret and evaluate information
  • Develop an understanding of the key elements of today’s online information infrastructure, including Google Books, Google Scholar and Wikipedia. In particular you will develop confidence in evaluating specific Wikipedia articles in terms of a variety of criteria and in using the advanced features of Wikipedia to assess their quality.
  • Develop basic editing skills to enable them to start contributing to Wikipedia. 

Classes are conducted online on Saturdays over a duration of seven weeks.

1Thinking about information and knowledge. Understanding how knowledge is produced in the modern world. 
2The world’s information infrastructure and its implications for information discovery. Developing an information discovery mindset. Avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation. Using texts and reading strategically.
3Going beyond Googling: how to intelligently search for information.

The promise of Wikipedia as a knowledge utopia. Why Wikipedia is important to the world (and you). Wikipedia mechanics.

Assignment #1: create your own Wikipedia account and elementary editing.
Assignment #2: Use your new search skills to source quality Wikipedia content

5Nothing is perfect: problems with Wikipedia – issues of accuracy, representation, reproduction.
Assignment #3: Writing for Wikipedia.
6The continuing importance of libraries and archives in the Wikipedia age: arguments and examples. The big picture: individual/societal concerns and information discovery.
7In-class written report, concluding remarks.


Working adults from the industry with some experience in information technology and related fields would better appreciate the course. 

Good communication skills (written and spoken English) are recommended as some assessment components may require presentations and report writing.

Standard Course Fee: S$4,860

  • All fees stated are inclusive of 8% GST.
  • NTU/NIE alumni may utilise their $1,600 Alumni Course Credits. Click  here for more information. 
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    CET181 Information Retrieval Systems and Techniques3
    CET182 Introduction to Data Mining3
    CET183 Information Visualization Techniques3
    CET184 Python for Data Analytics3
    CET185 Knowledge Management Tools3

    Listed courses are:

    • Credit-bearing and stackable to Graduate Certificate in Information Management and Analytics (total 9AUs) and FlexiMasters in Information Management and Analytics (total 15AUs).
    • SkillsFuture Credit approved.