Business Finance

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Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Continuing Education and Training Certificate


This course introduces students to the fundamentals of business finance. It is also known as Financial Management.  

*Certificate of Completion will be issued basing on given criteria. Please take all the required online tests and score at least 80% each.


  1. ​To develop a broad understand of the fundamental concepts and tools of finance.   
  2. To apply financial analysis tools and techniques to the decisions making. 
  3. To gain an understanding of financial markets and institutions and their roles in business.
  4. Use accounting statements to measure the financial health of a company.
  5. To forecast and manage a company’s short- and long-term liquidity needs.
  6. To calculate the time value of money; and use compounding and discounting methods to calculate the future and present value of money. 
  7. To develop problem solving skills within the finance setting.
  8. To increase the awareness of ethics and social responsibility in the context of finance.
  1. An Overview of Financial Management
  2. Financial Markets and Institutions
  3. Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes
  4. Analysis of Financial Statements
  5. Time Value of Money
  6. Financial Planning and Forecasting

NSFs and Working Professionals

Standard Course Fee: S$345.60

All fees stated are inclusive of 8% GST