Advanced Business Presentation

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Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)


Continuing Education and Training Certificate


This two-day intensive workshop will show participants the skills and strategies to become a more confident, persuasive speaker in any situation. It will show the participants how to prepare for, structure and to create an impactful delivery, leaving a deep impression on the audience. They will learn how to analyse a group, create and prepare a presentation that not only achieves its outcome, but also creates a positive, memorable impression with all in attendance. They will gain extensive feedback to maximise their individual strengths and identify their potential for improvement.
The program will be highly experiential with practical activities based on typical presentations required of the participants.
  • Creating a presentation that captures the audience’s attention and leaves them with memorable messages
  • Communicate key messages more clearly to audience
  • Analysing an audience to create the presentation with the greatest possible impact
  • Writing a presentation that you can deliver with confidence and power
  • Using your voice to deliver with power
  • Incorporating body language that reinforces your message
  • Using visual aids (electronic and other)
  • Techniques to structure complex information so it is easy to understand and remember
  • Writing and delivering a persuasive presentation that creates genuine change and/or promotes action
  • Confidence in speaking impromptu
  • Secrets of professional speakers

Course Availability

  • Date(s): 30 to 31 Aug 2022

    Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

    Venue: Virtual (Live)

    Registration Closing Date: 17 Aug 2022

  • Date(s): 24 to 25 Nov 2022

    Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

    Venue: Virtual (Live)

    Registration Closing Date: 11 Nov 2022

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will know how to:
  1. Analyse an audience to choose the most relevant content and approach
  2. Structure and write a powerful, easy-to-deliver, memorable presentation
  3. Prepare their delivery effectively and efficiently
  4. Deliver a presentation with confidence and impact
  5. Speak confidently in ‘off-the-cuff’ situations
  6. Inform an audience in a way that stimulates maximum retention
  7. Persuade an audience to think differently
  8. Motivate an audience to action
  9. Confidently handle questions
Audience Analysis
  • Using your audience analysis to select the most appropriate content for the audience
Connection & Engagement
  • What your audience wants from you
Oral Delivery Structure
  • How to structure your information and delivery to achieve your purpose
Primacy & Recency
  • The importance of the first and last words you say
Powerful Phraseology
  • How to use speaking devices for powerful, memorable communication
Delivering complex information
  • How to structure complex information in a way that is most easily understood
Speaking to Persuade
  • How to use the latest research to identify the most effective tools for an audience
  • How to structure a persuasive presentation so it is most likely to prompt action
Delivery Modality
  • How to maintain the interest of the audience – and regain it if lost
Powerful Vocal Use
  • Understanding how to maximise your vocal delivery
Confident Body Language
  • Understanding how to maximise your visual message (body language)
Visual Aids with Impact
  • Understanding how to maximise your visual message (visual aids)
Audience Questions
  • How to best prepare for audience questions
  • How to prepare with confidence – minimising nervousness
Handling Difficult Situations
  • Dealing with difficult audiences and/or messages
Individual Presentations
  • Presentations with feedback
Executives, senior executives, managers, and department managers

Standard Course Fee: S$1284.00

Course fee payable after SSG funding, if eligible under various schemes 
Cat-A SSG Funded CoursesS$385.20
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)S$145.20
Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES)S$145.20


  • All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST
  • NTU/NIE alumni may utilise their $1,600 Alumni Course Credits. Click here for more information.
Mr Kevin Ryan

Mr Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan has spent over 35 years examining how we can communicate more effectively in business, specifically in customer service and sales.  One of the fascinating areas of research is how to interpret a customer’s non-verbal communication – particularly their body language.  He was one of the first sales trainers to teach the principle of feeding back to a client what their body was saying - creating a higher level of rapport and trust in the business relationship.

His corporate experience includes every level from running a small business to board member of a multi-million dollar organisation.  For the past ten years he has coached and consulted to the most senior level in business, the professions and government.

As a professional speaker, workshop leader, consultant and author, Kevin regularly works with groups across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.  He has authored or co-authored ten books used in business and educational institutions around the world.  He has also written nearly 50 articles that have been featured in major daily newspapers and magazines in Australia and Asia.

Kevin’s seminars and workshops always receive feedback about his energetic, entertaining delivery style, the engagement level of his activities and the practical, easily applicable techniques the participants take away.