Published on 10 Oct 2023

Unlocking Success: SCTP Learners Triumph in HEALTH-I HACKATHON

In an outstanding display of adaptability, determination and resilience, a group of learners from the SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) teamed up to participate in a prestigious hackathon and emerged as champions. Five exceptional learners from SCTP Cohort 3 joined the UX Design and Digital Product Management programme provided by the NTU Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU). What was impressive about their achievement was their ability to clinch victory while still being in the process of completing the programme.

Their journey began on 29 May 2023, to become proficient in the complex domains of UX Design and Digital Product Management. This intensive programme, tailored for professionals seeking career transitions, concluded on 26 Sep 2023. The hackathon champions progressively acquired a profound understanding of industry-relevant skills and knowledge that demonstrated their foundation for future success.

The Hackathon unfolded on 19 Aug 2023, when they entered the arena of the HEALTH-I HACKATHON, an event organised by SingHealth. Most of them, if not all, were new to the UI/UX field, making their win a truly remarkable one. Yet, their unwavering dedication, can-do spirit, and commendable teamwork propelled them to the top, securing the coveted title of champions.

Madeleine Koh, one of the champions, shared: “Upon learning about the hackathon from our trainer, a group of us expressed interest and coalesced into a team for participation. Balancing the demands of the UXPM programme and the hackathon presented challenges, but the journey proved delightful through collaboration with my fellow course mates. While victory wasn't my primary aim - seeking experience was - I triumphed unexpectedly, marking my first hackathon win. The surge of confidence I gained reaffirmed my choice to pursue this learning path wholeheartedly.”

The SCTP proved a game changer with its theoretical concepts and practical applications. Lynn Teo, a freelance designer and champion, stated: “This marked my debut in the world of hackathons, where I ventured with limited knowledge and experience. I rallied together a group of five passionate course mates, all of us keen on seizing this opportunity as a platform for learning. Our task was formidable: to ideate, brainstorm, research, define problems, and transform our ideas into a prototype, all within a tight one-week timeframe. Undoubtedly, this endeavour came with its share of challenges, as each of us juggled personal commitments and familial responsibilities. Nevertheless, we made time for discussions and worked on each role individually.”

Zacary Tan, an engineer and champion, reflected: “It was an encouraging reminder that the experiences and knowledge we brought together as a team, and as individuals from various paths in life, have value, both within the hackathon and in our career journeys. This mindset shift and feeling of overcoming self-doubt are something I’ll definitely carry along into the future.”

Peer learning and a diverse ecosystem were integral in shaping the programme success. Joji Mendoza-Chan, a research associate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and a proud alumna of the institution, joined the programme to further upskill with her alma mater. As part of the winning team, she expounded: “I really appreciate the opportunities I have to work and learn from other people. Peer learning is embedded in the curriculum – not a lesson goes by when we aren't encouraged to discuss, debate, ideate, and critique ideas together. My course mates come from different industries and levels of experience, providing the perfect ecosystem for great ideas to flourish. Our trainers also come from different UX fields and specialisations, from consultancy to research to service design. They're dedicated to their craft and are all committed to guiding us to experience success.”

Tejashwini Arun Raikar, a freelance fashion designer and champion, expanded on the programme’s practicality and impactfulness: “This SCTP in UX Design and Digital Product Management encompassed a wide array of topics and concepts within UX Design, which we had the opportunity to put into practice through various in-class activities. The Hackathon served as an exceptional platform to apply the skills acquired during the programme in solving real-world problems. Winning the Hackathon served as a strong validation of the programme's effectiveness. I now possess greater confidence in my skills and am determined to apply them in my forthcoming UX journey.”

With a distinctive blend of theoretical knowledge, practical expertise, and a supportive environment, the SCTP undoubtedly paved the way for these champions to thrive in the realms of UX Design and Digital Product Management. Their triumph validated their resolute commitment, the efficiency and quality of the programme, and the conviction that success knows no bounds.

While SCTP remains dedicated to cultivating talent and facilitating career transitions with industry-relevant, real-life work-applicable skills and career consultation services for successful career switches and transformations, these champions inspire all those considering the adoption of new skills.