Published on 12 Mar 2024

Empower Equality: Igniting Potential Inclusion and Support for Women in their Lifelong Learning Journey

As we commemorate International Women's Month, it's imperative to reflect on the strides made in fostering gender equality, particularly within innovation and technology. In the spirit of celebrating women's achievements, we delve into the stories of four remarkable lifelong learners from the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU) who have paved the way to embracing challenges and breaking boundaries.

Redefining Possibilities Through Data Analytics

After being a full-time mother for 13 years, Hani took it upon herself to start looking for professional training courses that would equip her with the latest skills to clean, organise, and process data when a job opportunity arose.

Her curiosity was piqued when the pandemic was at its peak - she joined an online data analytics course but encountered many problems like not being able to receive timely help from the instructors or peers. From there, Hani discovered PaCE@NTU’s SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) which offers the Data Analysis Literacy Upgrading Programme (Dial-Up).

Completing the programme is undoubtedly a challenge for Hani. The initial push to return to classroom education was no easy feat. Through perseverance and self-discipline, her hard work paid off in elevating her skills to re-enter the workforce.

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Get Inspired by Prominent Women in Leadership

Zhang Ting holds the position of Head of Finance Data & Analytics at the Ministry of Finance having ventured into diverse fields like financial advisory, marketing and management, accounting, government auditing, and now, data analytics & AI/machine learning. She became interested in governance for AI technologies, particularly groundbreaking AI applications like ChatGPT, and decided to pursue a certificate at PaCE@NTU after listening to a friend’s testimony.

She is a firm believer that learning is not just a career necessity, but also a hobby and passion. Whether helmed through formal courses, on-the-job experiences, or interactions with diverse professionals, continuous learning is something that excites and energises her. Embracing change as the only constant, lifelong learning is her chosen strategy for fully savouring life's experiences.

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Exploring New Career Opportunities with Confidence

Odelia initially started her professional journey with a background in banking and finance but later recognised the growing importance of technology in shaping the future of finance. After self-studying programming following an intensive course in artificial intelligence, she discovered her passion for creating innovative software solutions.

That was when she decided to pursue the SCTP in Software Engineering offered by PaCE@NTU to integrate her financial expertise with software development. This programme has been instrumental in her career switch as it equipped her with the skills and mindset required to navigate the competitive job market.

Her key takeaway from her experience is that it is vital to recognise that everyone's learning journey is unique, and comparison to others can be counterproductive. Thus, as a lifelong learner on her journey, she constantly seeks new challenges, stays curious, and never gives up when faced with difficulties. She also found truth in the importance of taking effective breaks when needed to stay motivated in her lifelong journey.

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Attaining Education At One's Own Time and Pace

The NTU FlexiMasters appealed to Matilda because it allowed her to pursue her studies one course at a time on a schedule that she could commit to.

During the programme, she had an enriching classroom experience, learning from her respected lecturers and esteemed coursemates. Juggling her family life and studies was a challenge, but she managed to find pockets of time to complete the required readings and assignments. Pursuing this programme was a natural progression towards her interest and profession and was a rite of passage that was bound to occur despite her commitments.

She would not have found a more fulfilling way to exercise lifelong learning than with a programme that allowed her to be in charge of her own learning experience.

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We celebrate the spirit of lifelong learning and the four remarkable women who have shown that with perseverance, resilience, and the right support, anyone can achieve their career goals. They have not only empowered themselves but also laid the foundations for inclusivity and support for women in their continuous education. Let us strive for equality in everyone’s professional journeys at PaCE@NTU.