Advance your Career in the World of Sustainability

Learn from world-class faculty and gain real-world perspectives from industry practitioners. Gain transferable skills with an interdisciplinary curriculum to champion sustainability initiatives and help transform your organization towards SG Green Plan 2030.

World-Class Faculty

Gain insights from our expert faculty, experienced in sustainability. They combine academic research with proven best practices to enrich your learning.

Industry Practitioners

Gain real-world perspective and practical knowledge from industry practitioners driving sustainability initiatives in their organisations such as Rolls Royce and Simtech.

Holistic Curriculum

Experience an interdisciplinary curriculum covering sustainability frameworks and practical industry applications like circular design and food waste management.

Career Pathways

Gain transferable skills enabling careers in consultancies, MNCs, government agencies and beyond with diverse roles such as environmental management, green finance, and sustainable operations.

Flexible Learning

Complete all modules in one-go to earn the full graduate certificate in 3 months, or pace your learning according to your schedule and needs.

Sustainability Champion

Champion sustainability and become the change catalyst to help transform your organisation towards SG Green Plan 2030.

Master Sustainable Practices through 5 Modular Courses

Complete 5 stackable courses to earn a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability.


Corporate Sustainability (CEL010)

Learn about strategies and processes that ensure the long-term well-being of organisations and their people, natural resources, and communities; enabling you to meet the rising expectations for sustainability in business. Learn More.


Carbon Neutrality—Solving the Energy Puzzle (CEL011 )

Gain insights to address the challenges of rising sea levels and climate change, while delving into solutions to mitigate man-made carbon emissions, modify radiation balance and achieve equilibrium through carbon reabsorption. Learn more.




Electrification & Waste Heat Recovery (CEL012)

Embark on a transformative journey exploring the forefront of electrification in today's and tomorrow's industries. Gain insights into electrical power systems, power conversion, waste heat recovery, and electrified land and air systems for a sustainable future. Learn more..



Environmental Issues and Sustainability in Water and Waste Management (CEL013)

Explore the complexities of environmental engineering and science, gaining an in-depth understanding of contemporary issues in water and waste management, fostering an appreciation for sustainable practices, and empowering yourself to contribute to a more sustainable world. Learn more..



Circular Economy-Enabling a Sustainable Future (CEL014 )

Dive into a circular economy (CE) and help combat waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. Discover the key drivers to this CE transition, from policies and innovation to inclusive development, in our course focusing on life cycle thinking, global policies, technology, and business opportunities. Learn more..

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