NiCE supports the upskilling and talent development needs of the TIC (Cybersecurity) industry. Check out some of our initiatives below. 



NiCE hosts a variety of courses tailored to industry trends and needs.

  • Focused on application & technical content, with hands-on sessions
  • Registered with SkillsFuture Singapore
  • Instructors from NTU, CSA and invited international guest lecturers and industry trainers

All our courses are listed on 'Centre for Professional and Continuing Education' (PACE) of NTU.

Current Courses & Certifications

Graduate Certificate in 'Hardware Security Evaluation & Certification'1
  • CET916 Security Evaluation and Certification (1AU2)
  • CET917 Applications and Reasons for Security (1AU)
  • CET918 Hardware Security Analysis via Chip Analysis (2AU)
  • CET919 Design for Trust (2AU)
  • CET920 Fault-Injection Attacks & Hardware Trojan (1AU)
  • CET921 Side-Channel-Attacks & Countermeasures (2AU)

Did you you know?
The above modules can be used to fulfil the Masters Course MC6017 Topics in Crypto and Cybersecurity; where you can transfer3 up to 2 x 3AUs to the requirement of Masters of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS). This programme is jointly offered by School of Computer Science and Engineering and School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

  • To find out more about the Graduate Certificate in 'Hardware Security Evaluation & Certification', click here.
  • To find out more about the MSCS, click here.
  • Frequently asked questions about the Graduate Certificate and Masters Programme coming soon. 

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        1. Courses can be taken individually. All 6 courses have to be completed in order to obtain the Graduate Certificate; Terms & conditions apply.
        2. AU: Academic Units
        3. Terms & conditions apply.

        Internships @ NiCE

        • NiCE is interested to provide opportunities for students to gain exposure to the cybersecurity industry.
        • If we are not currently collaborating with your school, feel free to enquire and discuss.

        Email us at [email protected].