Research Capabilities


NiCE is a one-stop centre to facilitate product research and testing. It has a unique collection of state-of-the-art equipment and provides consultation from their pool of research and industrial expertise.

Equipment & Services

Below are a list of equipment and services which will be available at NiCE. 

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Double Spot Laser
Semi Cap
"Pay-per-use" base charges
No.EquipmentUsage w/o Assistance (per hour)1Usage with Assistance (per hour)1
1 Atomic Force Microscope $100$200
2 Copper Wire Auto-decap -$120
3 Double Beam FIB with EDX/EBSD System -$520
4a FESEM -$210
4b High Resolution FESEM -$330
5 Fibre Laser Ablation System -$160
6 Infra Red Microscope, Optical Microscope & High Resolution Optical Microscope $20-
7 Precision Mechanical Backside Grinder / Polisher -$200
8 3D X-ray CT System -$270
9 2D X-ray Inspection System -$150
10 Optical Laser Alignment Precision Polisher $20$120
11 Reactive Ion Etcher -$150
12 Plasma FIB -$940
13 Binary code analyser $20-
14 Scanning Optical Microscope system with Laser probing unit (IR range) -$540
15 PCB Rework Station $60$160
16 Microwave induced plasma (MIP) decapsulation system $120$220
17 Temperature chamber $10-
18 Wire-bonder $20$120
19 Power/EM Side-channel evaluation system $30$130
20 (Double Spot) Laser fault injection system -$220


1. NiCE reserve the right to update the schedule and rates from time to time.

Incentive Schemes

To encourage use and R&D, NiCE will be launching incentives1 to supporting the trending needs of the community.

1. Institutes of Higher Learning

Who: All recognized IHLs by Ministry of Education, Singapore such as universities and polytechnics

What: 50% off "pay-per-use" base charges.

2. Small and mid-size enterprises (SME)

Who: All local small and mid-size enterprises (SME) as per definition by Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and/or Enterprise Singapore (ESG)

  • ACRA enterprise incorporated business with an annual sales turnover of under S$100 million, or that employs less than 200 workers.

What: Please contact us for more information2

3. Multinational corporation (MNC)

Who: All commercial entities with presence in 2 or more countries; in the field of Development and Evaluation with local presence.

What: Please contact us for more information2

4. Others (High volume)

Who: Other eligible3 entities which do not fit into the definitions above with high volume usage.

What: Please contact us for more information2

1. NiCE reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any incentives offered. Please contact us for more information or clarifications.
2. Terms and conditions apply.
3. Local and registered entities. We do not accept free-lance users at this point in time. If you think you fall in this category, we encourage you to drop us an email to check your eligibility.

Consultation & Request for Quote

We anticipate each and everyone of you will have different requirements.

Whether you are interested to find out more about the technical details or to get a personalised quotation, feel free to arrange an no-obligation session with us to discuss further.

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