Published on 09 Feb 2023

Winner of 'Best Lab Demo' at IEEE PAINE 2022

NiCE clinched an award at 'IEEE International Conference on Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics 2022'

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Physical inspection of electronics have grown significantly over the past decade and is becoming a major focus for the chip designers, original equipment manufacturers, and system developers. The complex long life of the electronic devices coupled with their diverse applications are making them increasingly vulnerable to various forms of threats and inspection. Large industry and government efforts have been put in place across the globe to address related supply chain security problems to offer solutions, training and services. The number of programs introduced by US government have increased over the years to analyze and develop relevant solutions. Although much focus is given to digital domain, physical assurance and inspection of electronics as well as physical fingerprinting based on analog parameters are rapidly providing opportunities for unique countermeasures. PAINE conference provides a unique venue to all researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to have productive dialog on such topics. 

NiCE - Winner of 'Best Lab Demo' IEEE PAINE 2022

NiCE won the 'Best Lab Demo' for IEEE PAINE 2022 with our submission of 2 video clips. To view the clips, please visit