Published on 13 Oct 2021

How can we speed up Singapore’s clean energy efforts?

Wind turbines

The Singapore Energy Centre (SgEC) inaugural clean energy workshop was held virtually over Zoom and broadcasted live on YouTube on 12 Oct. The workshop brings together researchers and representatives from various agencies and related industries to unpack ways to accelerate Singapore’s clean energy transition efforts, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

It was also announced at the workshop that A*STAR joined the SgEC as a research performer. As the newest research performer in the team, A*STAR researchers can collaborate in energy-related research with researchers from NUS and NTU, as well as other SgEC industrial members.

Founded jointly by NUS and NTU in 2018, with ExxonMobil as its first founding member, the SgEC was developed to focus on energy innovation and lower emissions technologies relevant for Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

To date, the SgEC has progressed 18 core and member-directed R&D projects focused on developing technologies to reduce emissions or modeling studies to understand energy pathways.

This includes technologies that enhance the efficiency of fuel and chemical production, increase options for low-carbon hydrogen and sustainable polymers, and enable regional carbon dioxide capture and sequestration options.

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