Published on 24 Nov 2022

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Science Excellence Award (Star) – Professor Joachim Loo, Dr Yu Hong, Dr Manish Mahotra, Mr Xu Qunying

We are pleased to share that the collaborative research project "Solid Lipid Microparticles as leaching free, slow-release encapsulation for aquaculture", headed by Professor Joachim Loo, has won the Singapore Food Agency Science Excellence Award (Star) at the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Science Day held on 7 November 2022. 

The findings from this project presented an alternative method using solid lipid microparticle (SLM) to microencapsulate functional feed additives for oral delivery through formulating into aquafeed. Microencapsulation improves stability of functional feed additives (e.g., enzyme and probiotic) by protecting it from external environmental factors like high temperature and minimise leaching so that more of the functional product can get into the fish.

SFA Science Day explores how science and innovation ensure and secure a supply of safe food for Singapore. Team members from MSE include Dr Yu Hong, Research Fellow, Dr Manish Mahotra, PhD graduand, and Mr Xu Qunying, Master’s student and SFA Scholar. The research article could be found in 


In the photo: Mr Xu Qunying (left) receives the award from Mr Stanley Loh, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Sustainability and Environment. 

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Loo and his team!