Published on 05 Sep 2023

PT30 Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure - Assoc Prof Kedar Hippalgaonkar

With the conclusion of the recent Promotion & Tenure 30 (PT30) exercise, we are pleased to announce that Dr Kedar Hippalgaonkar has been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Associate Professor Kedar Hippalgaonkar is an accomplished researcher and one of the pioneers to apply machine learning and high-throughput experimentation to thermoelectric and solid-state materials-by-design. Leading a group of >30 members, he has demonstrated clear areas of advancement in the discovery of new functional materials, AI and robotics for accelerated materials discovery, and advancing fundamental knowledge in inequilibrium charge and phonon scattering. His scientific contributions in the materials-by-design space have established a framework for the rapid discovery of materials and new physics, which is now being utilised globally in data-driven research. His commitment to translating scientific research into tangible real-world applications is exemplified by his role as the Co-founder and Scientific Advisor of a startup – Xinterra, Inc. To date, he has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers in high-impact journals such as Nature Reviews Materials, Science, Nature Electronics, among others. He was recognised as an ‘Emerging Investigator’ for his work published in RSC Materials Horizon and Journal of Materials Chemistry A, and as an ‘Emerging Leader’ for his contribution to the Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics. As a key contributing member of the newly established Acceleration Consortium at the University of Toronto, Kedar collaborates with an international community of scientists dedicated to the creation of materials acceleration platforms. These platforms are pivotal in unlocking new discoveries in molecules and materials, further expanding the horizon of scientific understanding.

Our heartiest congratulations to Associate Professor Kedar Hippalgaonkar on his well-deserved promotion, and we look forward with enthusiasm to his future endeavours!