Published on 08 Jan 2024

NTUitive Gap Fund – Professor Joachim Loo and Associate Professor Aravind Dasari

We are pleased to share that the following faculty members have been awarded the NTUitive Gap Fund for their projects:

Professor Joachim Loo: Revolutionizing Aquaculture Productivity: Encapsulated Bioactive Feeds for Quality Spawning.

Associate Professor Aravind Dasari: Polyurethane Foams with Improved Fire Performance.

About the grant
The NTUitive Gap Fund (POC Grant) scheme provides funding to researchers in NTU for beyond Proof-Of-Concept development to facilitate the commercialisation of technology developed here. The grant is awarded through a competitive application process to support projects which are technically sound and commercially viable. The grant goes towards supporting the developmental cost in building a fully functional prototype.

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Joachim and Prof Aravind!