Published on 15 Sep 2022

Advanced Materials (Vol. 34, Issue 25) | Special Issue: Materials Science in Singapore

We are pleased to share that some of the MSE faculty’s scholarly articles were selected to be featured in Advanced Materials Volume 34, Issue 25 – Special Issue: Materials Science in Singapore (link).

The special issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), a leading materials research institute in Singapore.

Guest edited by Dr Loh Xian Jun (IMRE), Prof Chen Xiaodong (NTU-IMRE), and Prof Liu Bin (NUS), this issue features works from top materials scientists from Singapore, with contributions from IMRE, NUS, and NTU.
From the Ground Up – Materials Science in Singapore
(Guest Editorial Article 2109202)
- Dr Loh Xian Jun (IMRE)
- Dr Wong Chia Woen (IMRE)
- Prof Chen Xiaodong (NTU & IMRE)
- Prof Liu Bin (NUS)
The selected scholarly articles by MSE faculty are listed below.

[Inside Front Cover]

"Haptically Quantifying Young’s Modulus of Soft Materials Using a Self-Locked Stretchable Strain Sensor"
(Article No. 2104078)
- Professor Chen Xiaodong

[Inside Back Cover]

"Novel Materials for Urban Farming"
(Article No. 2105009)
- Professor Lam Yeng Ming

Natural Polymer in Soft Electronics: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Prospects” 
(Article No. 2105020)
- Professor Lee Pooi See

Machine Learning: An Advanced Platform for Materials Development and State Prediction in Lithium-Ion Batteries
(Article No. 2101474)
- Professor Alex Yan
- Associate Professor Li Shuzhou

Green Recycling Methods to Treat Lithium-Ion Batteries E-Waste: A Circular Approach to Sustainability” 
(Article No. 2103346)
- Professor Madhavi Srinivasan
- Professor Alex Yan

Halide Perovskite Solar Cells for Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Transforming Building Façaades into Power Generators
(Article No. 2104661)
- Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar
- Associate Professor Nripan Mathews

[Research Article]
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of the Green Mussel Adhesive Protein Pvfp-5 is Regulated by the Post-Translated Dopa Amino Acid” 
(Article No. 2103828)
- Professor Ali Miserez
- Nanyang Assistant Professor Yu Jing

[Research Article]
Mimicking Neuroplasticity via Ion Migration in van der Waals Layered Copper Indium Thiophosphate
(Article No. 2104676)
- Professor Liu Zheng