Graduate Students' Club

Welcome to Our MSE Family!
On behalf of MSE Graduate Students' Club (MSE GSC), I would like to welcome you all here at MSE, NTU for an exciting journey as postgraduate students. Our Club is made up of diverse, enthusiastic, and positive individuals. We work collectively aiming to create a friendly, enriching, and joyful environment for you, the MSE postgraduate community.

Starting from your first day at NTU in orientation and get-together outings to your career building workshops and sessions, from insightful science and technology talks and discussions to stirring events and sports activities, we aim to provide empowering experience and amazing opportunities and to connect with people. Our Club is also a part of the NTU Graduate Students’ Association (NTU GSA) and work together with Students’ Affairs Office (SAO).

We are very grateful to our school for their tremendous support throughout in organizing various activities including those in collaboration with the staff members and to our members (both current and past) for their efforts and dedication in making all the events possible. We strive to provide a worthwhile experience for students at MSE to cherish for life. So, what are you still waiting for? Join us today as a part of the MSE GSC family and have a thrilling graduate life experience!

Hope to see you soon!

Yours sincerely,
Shakti Prasad Padhy
MSE GSC President (AY 2022-2023)
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Committee Members

Welfare Coordinator: A/P Dong Zhili
Manager: Ms. Serena Tan

Shakti Prasad Padhy
[email protected]

Vice President I
Jeffrey George
[email protected]

Vice President II
Perrin Quentin Loris Vincent Moana
[email protected]

Ankit Jaiswal

Xiao Xingchi

Emeritus Director
Li Yun (Amber)

Events Director I
Li Yanzhen

Events Director II
Kohli Anirudh

Sports & Recreation Director I
Wang Hui

Sports & Recreation Director II
Andy Koh Wei Chun
Publicity Director I
Wei Lan

Publicity Director II
Zhang Anyu

Special Projects Director I
Sridharan Vijay shankar 

Special Projects Director II
Shen Kaijun

Assets Director
Duan Xiangyu

PDPA Officer
Tu Jiaqi
Subcommittee Member
Haruethai Kongcharoen

Subcommittee Member
Meng Fanxu

Subcommittee Member
Sahlik Kivanc

Subcommittee Member
Zhang Yuwei

Subcommittee Member
Kozlowski Konrad

Subcommittee Member
Sebastian Saumya

Subcommittee Member
Fan Hangming

Subcommittee Member
Hesham Rashed Abuzeid Mahmoud

Subcommittee Member
Shyam Sundar

Subcommittee Member
Su Jiangtao