Graduate Students' Club

Dear fellow MSE Graduate Students,

I am Frank from MSE Graduate Students’ Club (MSE GSC). A very warm welcome to all of you here on NTU. MSE GSC is made up of friends from different parts of the world, and together as a collective,  we have a common goal of creating a more vibrant and friendly atmosphere for the postgraduate community here at MSE.

Our Club is also part of the NTU Graduate Students Association, and together with the Students’ Affairs Office, we aim to foster lively and cheerful interactions among the postgraduate population both within and beyond our school border.

We are very grateful to have the active support from our school in the activities we organized and also to our members, both current and past, for their dedication and hard work in making all the events possible.
As to how Prof. Kwok Kian Woon (NTU Associate Provost for Student Life) says, “NTU students are passionate, pioneering, positive, proactive, persistent and persuasive”. We unquestionably see these qualities come together in our team. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we put aside all differences and bring about an inclusive community of like-minded people, whom all endeavours to provide the best student experience for MSE. So why still hesitate? Join us today as part of MSE GSC and experience a completely different kind of graduate life.

We all hope to see you soon!!!

Yours sincerely,
Frank Meng
President, MSE GSC 2019-2020
PS: Check out the exciting stuff we do at our facebook page



Committee Members

Welfare Co-ordinator: A/P Dong Zhili
Manager: Ms. Serena Tan

Mr Meng Shize


Mr Kumar Sonal

Mr Samuel Ong Jun Hoong
Event Director
Ms. Subramanian Srilakshmi
Event Director
Mr Sun Ye
Publicity Director
Mr Padhy Shakti Prasad
Publicity Director
Mr Peng Dongdong
Ms. Chen Jieqiong
Ms. Dong Yibing
Sports Director
Ms. Haruethai Kongcharoen
Sports Director
Mr Mahotra Manish
Team Member
Ms. Li Dan

Team Member
Mr Li Wenlong


Team Member
Mr Lu Yu

Team Member
Mr Meng Fanxu
Team Member
Ms. Merve izmir
Team Member
Mr Ong Boon Chong
Team Member
Mr Verma Vivek
Team Member
Mr Wang Jining
Team Member
Mr Xiao Xingchi