Microscope with complex structures

Inverted Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope with Live SR


CSB L11 Support Room 6


Inverted microscope (Ti-E) with Yokogawa CSU-W1 spinning disk with 50 micron pinhole. Motorised stage, filter turret, nosepiece

• Laser lines: 402nm (DAPI), 445nm (CFP), 488nm (FITC), 514nm (YFP), 561nm (rhodamine) and 642nm (Cy5).

• Objectives: 10x/0.3 Plan Fluor, 20x/0.45 Super Plan Fluor ELWD, 40x/1.3 oil Plan Fluor, 60x/1.4 oil Plan Apo, 100x/1.45 oil Plan Apo

• X-cite 120 LED for reflected light Illumination

• Photometrics Prime 95B backilluminated sCMOS camera for low light level detection

• Photometrics Live-SR module for improved resolution

• iLAS2 FRAP system

• Stage-top incubator with CO2 and temperature control for live cell imaging

• MetaMorph software for image acquisition and image analysis

Fast confocal imaging for live/fixed cells. FRAP, laser ablation, XYZ-t imaging, tile and multi-position imaging; long-term live cell imaging.