High Content Screening Microscope - Operetta CLS

High content screening microscope

CSB L11 Freezer Room 2

A high-throughput imaging microscope with high sensitivity and detailed data analysis capability

Both wide-field as well as confocal imaging modes

Objective lenses: 5x/0.16, 10x/0.3, 20x/0.4, 20x/1.0 W, 40x/1.13 W and 63x/1.15 W

Automated water dispensing and draining mechanism for the water-lens

Eight LEDs that cover the entire visible spectrum and assorted filter sets

Brightfield and digital phase contrast imaging

High-sensitive (4.7MP) monochrome camera

Incubation with CO2 flow (1-10%) and temperature control (37-43 deg C) and hardware autofocus for live cell imaging

Harmony software for image acquisition and image analysis. Columbus software for cloud- based analysis

Long term live cell imaging with incubation and fixed cells in different types of multi-well plates. Slide-holder allows scanning up to 4 slides. Multi-parametric image analysis.