Published on 05 Jun 2023

LKCMedicine hosts Polytechnic Principals

Figuring out which path to pursue for your undergraduate studies is not always easy. This is especially true for studying medicine – a field some would say is a calling rather than a typical career. Aspiring physicians need to consider the type of curriculum that would suit their learning needs, the environment and the opportunities for growth that would be made available to them.

To help their students make the right choice, LKCMedicine today welcomed a group of polytechnic principals and heads of schools for a sharing session and a tour of the Clinical Sciences Building at the Novena campus. The event equipped the educators with updates to our MBBS programme and more, enabling them to make this information readily available to their students who wish to read medicine.

The session commenced with a welcome address by Vice Dean (Education) Professor Jennifer Cleland at the Learning Studio. While seated at the heart of the School’s core pedagogy, the guests were then briefed about the collaborative aspects of Team-Based Learning, and how it benefits both the students and faculty in effectively utilising theoretical content.

To further illustrate LKCMedicine’s commitment to transcending traditional medical education, the group was taken on a tour of the Practical Skills Lab, Anatomy Learning Centre (ALC) and research labs. At each stop a teaching staff or faculty expounded the benefits of clinical skills and simulated patient interaction; modern ways of anatomy teaching; and the research pathways made available to students respectively, and how these pedagogical tools coalesce to ensure that LKCMedicine students are holistically prepared for their medical career.

Invigorated by the tour, the polytechnic principals were brimming with questions, ranging from students’ time management to the scale of facilities at the Novena and NTU campuses, which were answered by Assistant Dean (Admissions & Overseas Electives) Associate Professor Kwek Tong Kiat, and Vice-Dean (Clinical Affairs) Professor Pang Weng Sun.

The attendees’ interest in learning more about the School was evident during lunch as well, with conversations at each table revolving around the experiences of polytechnic students who have been admitted to LKCMedicine and the School’s application of a future-focused curriculum.

Satisfied with a hearty meal, the guests turned their attention to A/Prof Kwek’s presentation of the School’s admission requirements, including the replacement of the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) with the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). This was followed by a few remarks from Dean Professor Joseph Sung, and a robust dialogue about keeping polytechnic students’ informed of the School’s latest developments and cultivating their interest in medicine through early exposure journeys.

The visit proved to be a productive exchange of ideas, leaving both the guests and LKCMedicine faculty well-informed and ready to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals.