Published on 25 May 2024

#askLKCMedicine2024 Demystifies LKCMedicine’s Admissions Process

Students who are considering studying medicine need to fulfil two essential steps. The first involves being certain about their motivations for entering the profession, and the second is to check off all the different boxes required to apply to medical school. While the latter is a rigorous process that can be potentially overwhelming, LKCMedicine eases the pressure by offering guidance to students, parents and educators in the form of #askLKCMedicine – an annual series of events to raise awareness about the School’s admissions criteria and process.

This year’s #askLKCMedicine2024 kicked off with a virtual event on 24 May, which was attended by some 150 pre-university students, teachers and parents.

Apart from providing clarity about the School’s requirements for AY2025/2026 admissions, such as sitting the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) instead of the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), the event provided attendees with an overview of LKCMedicine’s new NTU MBBS programme that commences in August this year.

“With the end of our collaboration with Imperial College London, we took the opportunity to update our curriculum and put in latest changes from the field of medicine. We have incorporated these things into our programme so that when our students graduate, they can function well in the modern context of medicine,” explained LKCMedicine Assistant Dean (Admissions and Overseas Electives) Professor Kwek Tong Kiat.

(If you would like to find out more about LKCMedicine’s enhanced curriculum, read “The New NTU MBBS: Nurturing Future-Ready Doctors with a Heart for Patients.”)

The introduction by Prof Kwek detailed what students can expect if they read medicine at LKCMedicine, the considerations for applying to the School and some helpful tips for preparing admissions materials.

Prof Kwek jokingly reminded the pre-university student attendees to avoid the temptation of using ChatGPT for their personal statement. “ChatGPT does not know you as well you know yourself.”

Prof Kwek’s talk was followed by a segment on student life at LKCMedicine by Year 4 student Chua Tze Hean. Reflecting on his journey so far, Tze Hean animatedly shared his personal highlights about being an LKCMedicine student, such as the School’s House system, Local and Overseas Community Involvement Projects, and LKCMedicine grants made available to students to pursue research and non-academic interests.

“We are able to participate in a wide variety of activities related to medicine and beyond because LKCMedicine’s flipped classroom structure gives us quite a bit of flexibility and our faculty is also very supportive. These are the intangibles that may not be obvious from the outside, but things that I really appreciate as a student,” noted Tze Hean.

To give the aspiring medical students a taste of the School’s pioneering Team-Based Learning (TBL) pedagogy, Lead for TBL Facilitation Ms Yang Lishan carried out a short demonstration of how LKCMedicine students participate in TBL sessions.

Attendees were eager to clarify their doubts during the Question and Answer (Q&A) segment – a sign of an engaged and interested audience! Prof Kwek and Tze Hean were joined by fellow Year 4 student Surya Varma Selvakumar, and they were kept on their toes with questions about when is the best time to register for UCAT, whether GCE O-Level results matter (Answer: No), the type of research opportunities students are exposed to, and many more.

If you were unable to attend this virtual #askLKCMedicine2024 session and have burning questions about applying to LKCMedicine, there will be two on-site #askLKCMedicine2024 events on 28 June and 11 July at our Novena Campus. Secure your spot now as spaces are limited.