School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) ) is ranked 5th in the world (QS Subject ranking 2021) and boasts well-established industry partnerships with prominent companies such as Rolls-Royce, General Electric, HP Inc, Pratt & Whitney and Singapore Airlines. With a faculty comprising more than 90 professors, it is one of the largest mechanical engineering schools in the world. Faculty members are drawn from renowned universities worldwide, providing a wealth of collective expertise in traditional and emerging mechanical and aerospace engineering, and in specialities including advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, innovative design, nanotechnology, and biomedical and computational applications.

Established since 1981, the school has evolved and established a wide-reaching community globally.
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Great Industry Exposure with Opportunity to Work

The school offers two four-year Bachelor degree programmes, in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. These programmes have been developed with the aim of equipping students with a broad engineering foundation as well as bespoke knowledge and skills in relevant modern technologies.

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Our graduate programmes lead to the award of the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Master.


More on research focus

MAE prides itself in its strong research capabilities in many areas including, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, industrial engineering, maritime engineering, and robotics etc. In alignment with Singapore’s national strategy (RIE 2020), the school of MAE is also rigorous in developing new competencies in manufacturing, aimed at supporting the competitiveness and growth of manufacturing and engineering sectors in the Singapore landscape.