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Wellbeing is not just about being happy nor is it the absence of illness. A positive sense of wellbeing involves feeling good and functioning well. It is essential for flourishing and enables us to enjoy life and to overcome challenges.

In NTU, we endeavour to enhance and support the wellbeing of everyone so that each can excel and thrive at their own time. We adopt a Campus Community Approach to Support and Care through which the various Departments, Schools, and Halls work together to deliver an effective level of care for all.

The University Wellbeing Office (UWO) serves as the central wellbeing care and support provider and coordinator in NTU, ensuring the community’s wellbeing needs are effectively met.

Professional counselling services are provided by the University Counselling Centre, a unit of UWO.

Counselling Services

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Student Counselling

The University Counselling Centre (UCC) provides professional counselling services to meet the psychological wellbeing needs of the NTU community.

UCC operates under UWO with the primary focus on student counselling and psychological services. UCC is located on Level 2 at the University Health Service where the university medical centre is situated.

Visit the Student Intranet to learn more about our student counselling services.

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Wellbeing Development

To raise awareness of mental health and to enhance the community's ability to manage mental health issues, care for oneself and look out for others, as well as to develop resilience overall, an array of proactive and preventive programmes are conducted throughout the year. These include talks, training workshops, events and activities such as the bi-monthly Discovery Talk series, Mastery Training series Psychological First Aid training workshops, Guardian Angel Initiative, Care Circles, Care Walks and World Mental Health Day.

Visit the Intranet for more details and upcoming events!

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Peer Helping Programme

The NTU Peer Helping Programme (PHP) is a student volunteer programme that promotes mental health and wellbeing among students. Peer Helpers do so through outreach activities as well as support services such as support groups, online pen-pal, befriending and mentoring.

For details on upcoming PHP activities and events, please follow the PHP Instagram page. 


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