10th Asian Conference on Safety and Education in Laboratory (ACSEL) 2023

Theme: Building a Culture of Health, Safety and Security through Diversity, Innovation and Technology

The Asian Conference on Safety & Education in Laboratory or abbreviated as ACSEL, is an annual conference organized by leading universities in Asia to provide a platform for scientists, engineers, researchers as well as professionals in order to discuss and share the knowledge related to best practices on laboratory safety and health aspects. In 2022, the conference was held by National University of Singapore. This conference profitably brought a huge range of topics associated with laboratory safety. This year, we are very glad to announce that the 10th Asian Conference on Safety & Education in Laboratory (ACSEL) 2023 organized by Disaster Risk Reduction Center Universitas Indonesia (DRRC UI) will be held in Bali, Indonesia from 9th – 10th November 2023, with the topics:

  1. Safety and security culture, health & safety behavior (education, industry and public)
  2. High-end technology, artificial intelligence on safety management & education
  3. Chemical management, chemical security, chemical safety and handling hazardous material, environmental safety, physical hazard
  4. Theoretical analysis of environmental safety in laboratory
  5. Safety education
  6. Laboratory safety management
  7. Emergency and disaster management
  8. Safety and health protection
  9. Environmental protection
  10. Waste treatment
  11. Recycling of resources
  12. Carbon neutral
  13. Case reports on lab accidents
  14. Cultural, gender, generation gap or age & diversity in research societies for health, safety & security
  15. Legal framework for lab safety

The conference includes both oral and poster presentation from various disciplines and backgrounds related to laboratory safety. The conference program will consist of high-profile keynote lectures, panel discussions, oral and poster sessions, and exhibitions. Moreover, this program will bring various sectors from science to community industry, business, policy and governance to share useful information through partnerships and empowerments strategy to enhance the laboratory safety in all Asian countries. With strong history of the ACSEL, this conference is expected to draw an attendance of 400 local and international participant.

For more information, visit https://drrc.ui.ac.id/acsel/