Symposium on MIT’s Safety and Health Programmes — 24 August 2023

NTU OHS - MIT Nov 2023

The recent symposium organised by Office of Health and Safety brought together approximately 80 dedicated safety officers and safety coordinators from NTU and various Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). The event featured distinguished speakers, including Mr. Tolga Durak (Managing Director), Mr. Nicolas Paquin (Director), and Mr. Jim Doughty (Associate Director), all from MIT's Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Office.

In their enlightening presentations, Mr. Tolga Durak shed light on MIT's EHS history and signature EHS programs. Their expertise and insights left attendees with a newfound appreciation for the innovative approaches MIT employs to ensure safety and health in its educational and research environments.

The symposium reached its pinnacle with a stimulating panel discussion, which revolved around the theme of how Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) can become "future-safety" ready through the strategic utilization of AI, Big Data, and innovation.

Mr Saravanan S/O Gunaratnam, Director of NTU OHS Department then led the MIT team to visit NTU’s signature labs - the Singapore 3D Printing Centre and LKC’s EMB.

The symposium was a testament to the importance of knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts in the pursuit of enhanced safety in the academic field.

We look forward to future gatherings that will continue to push the boundaries of safety innovation.