Welcome to the Language and Communication Centre

NTU’s Language and Communication Centre (LCC) offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in academic writing and speech. We teach the first-level general communication course, which all NTU students take, as well as discipline-specific communication courses in the arts, engineering, humanities, medicine, sciences, and social sciences. Our faculty members conduct research in a diverse range of fields, including technology in the classroom, pedagogy, linguistics, creative writing, and literary criticism. 


LCC Communication Cube

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LCC also serves the wider NTU community through its writing centre, the LCC Communication Cube, where students receive feedback from trained peer tutors on their writing, presentations, and speeches. The Communication Cube expands the Centre’s mission of improving the communication skills of students, helping them experience writing as a tool for learning and developing their oral presentation skills. Our Communication Cube coaches promote the value of peer feedback, attention to audience, and academic integrity.