Welcome to the LCC Communication Cube

The LCC Communication Cube offers free assistance with written assignments and other documents, presentations, and speeches. Peer tutors are carefully selected and trained to help NTU students improve their communication skills. They offer detailed and personalized feedback and suggestions, allowing students to explore options and take ownership in the development of their writing, speaking, and presenting skills. The LCC Communication Cube is a service run by the Language and Communication Centre, NTU.

Location and Contact details

The LCC Communication Cube is located at Level 1 (6th storey) of the The Hive, the building opposite the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

To make your way to the Communication Cube,

  1. take one of the lifts in The Hive to Level 1 (6th storey);
  2. turn right towards the atrium as you walk out of the lift; and
  3. turn left when you face the atrium.


Telephone : 6908 1140 / 6908 1139 

Email : [email protected]