Minor in Entrepreneurship Programme (MiE)

11 Dec 2023 - 10 May 2024 Current Students, Prospective Students
Organised by:
NTU Entrepreneurship Academy



Special Term: 13 May to 6 Jun 2023
BDE: Semester 1 and Semester 2
Winter break: 11 Dec 2023 to 4 Jan 2024

The Minor in Entrepreneurship programme (MiE) equips students with fundamental entrepreneurship competency, business acumen, and stamina to build and grow businesses. Students will be enriched with an open mindset to bring innovative ideas into actualization and to inspire students to be venturesome and more resilient in this ever-changing world.

Described as a "transformational learning experience" by past graduates, this programme demonstrates how entrepreneurship is not solely about starting a new business - it is a mindset. The lessons are conducted by business leaders, entrepreneurs, intellectual property lawyers, and dedicated academics.

Students will learn to identify when and how to seize opportunities with change. Students will be placed in an interactive learning environment through team-based projects, real-life simulations, role-playing and practical experiences. There will also be many networking and social settings for the students to meet professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

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