Adjunct Professor Dr. Pane Stojanovski

Dr. Stojanovski holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in structural engineering from the Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. He had won prestigious grants and scholarships such as British Council and Fulbright post doc research grants. At the Skopje University he was a full professor conducting research and teaching courses in structural mechanics, theory of structures, and application of OR in civil engineering.

Between 1989 and 1991 he was a visiting Fulbright scholar at the Blume Center of the Stanford University, where he closely worked with Prof. H.C. Shah on problems related to seismic risk and risk mitigation strategies. Following this engagement he was a consulting professor with the Blume Center at the Stanford University till 1994.

Since 1992, Dr. Stojanovski has been with Risk Management Solutions with focus on building models for loss estimation due to natural and manmade hazards. At RMS he is a VP of model development operations focusing on pan Asian risk and sustainable micro insurance risk sharing models.

Summary of Qualifications

Dr. Stojanovski has been involved with catastrophe (CAT) modeling and risk management since the very inception of this industry in the early nineties. He has broad experience related to the scientific nature of CAT models, their development and validation, data and technology for their deployment. Throughout his tenure with RMS he had held leading positions in model development, model design, and operations. His current focus is on extending and further developing RMS technology in response to the needs of the clients and society as a whole. He is regular participant to the MiRT forum, as well as member of the Singapore-NTU Alliance for Micro Insurance.

Dr. Stojanovski lead the development of several earthquake and windstorm models – New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, ... He managed the execution and delivery of the current RMS US hurricane model and its certification with the Florida commission, as well as the extension of the storm surge model in the Caribbean and updates to the US storm surge model.

Dr. Stojanovski is patent co-owner of the RMS proprietary VRG (variable resolution grid) technology platform. He also developed models and platforms in response and anticipation of client demands beyond CAT peril modeling – he developed and implemented the ALM (aggregate loss model) technology and the ALM product line, authored the casualty and workers comp models, delivered earthquake casualty model for the first edition of HAZUS, and contributed to the design and development of RMS business interruption modeling. Dr. Stojanovski also pioneered the concepts of formalized data quality index (DQI) for insured portfolios.

Dr. Stojanovski oversaw the development, productization and deployment of RMS Industry Exposure Databases (IED) product line, model development quality assurance, and expansion of international geocoding modeling capabilities.

In November 2009, Dr. Stojanovski thought a masters level class (Fundamentals of CAT Modeling, CV6112) at the School of Civil and Environmental engineering at NTU. This course was one of the first integrated courses offered anywhere in the world on this subject.

Selected Publications:

  • Adam O’Shay, Auguste Boissonnade, Pane Stojanovski, Joshua Darr, Richard Dixon, Theresa Krebs, Kimberly Mueller, Manuel Lonfat; “Event Response Activities for the Near-Real Time Assessment of Financial Losses in Landfalling Hurricanes”,27th Conference on Huricanes and Tropical Meteorology, Monterey, CA, April 23 – 28, 2006.
  • P. Stojanovski, W. Dong, H. Shah; “Bridging the Gap Between Earthquake Engineering and Insurance”, SE - 40 Years of Earthquake Engineering in Europe Conference, Skopje / Ohrid, Macedonia, August 26-30, 2003.
  • P. Stojanovski, “Earthquake Casualty Estimation”; ’99 Workshop on Disaster Management and Green Technology, Chinese American Environmental Protection Agency, San Francisco California, 1999.
  • P. Stojanovski, R. Singh, P. VanderMarck, T. Boen , H. Shah; “ Elements Of Earthquake Related Economic Consequences To Jakarta And West Java”, HAKI Conference, Jakarta 1997.
  • P. Stojanovski, F. Bendimerad, H. Shah; “Optimum Resource Allocation for Seismic Retrofit of Structures: A Strategy for Seismic risk Management”; Stanford university, Blume Center Report 99, June 1992.