Published on 25 Apr 2018

Call for Application: Intro to SCSE Innovation Lab (25 Apr 2018)

To attract more applications from SCSE students to the Student Entrepreneurship Program, SCSE Innovation Lab organized a special introduction session on April 25, at Lecture Theatre 1, NTU.​

Assoc/Prof AN Bo, the new director of the I-Lab introduced the three pillar programs under the lab, namely the student entrepreneurship program (SEP), industry innovation consortium (IIC), and technology adoption program (TAP). Prof AN emphasized the main drives behind these programs, especially SCSE's intentions to cultivate and train future technology leaders and entrepreneurs by establishing the SEP program. To encourage students to innovate and to participate in international technology competitions, this year SEP program set up an additional Student Competition Fund. All students, even if not accepted under the existing leadership or entrepreneurship program can still seek support from this fund. For more details, please see​

Assoc/Prof AN Bo introducing the programs under SCSE Innovation Lab

Two current student teams under the SEP also presented their projects in the introduction session. They also communicated with students on what specific support they have received from the I-Lab, and the difficulties they faced in developing their projects and business.

Presentation by Guo Jie Sng (Melvyn), team lead of Ladon

Presentation by Liu Dikai, team lead of SGBot

SCSE Innovation lab will organize series of events to hear the voices from students to provide necessary support, and to call for students' ​applications in the future.