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IGP PhD Du Hongyang have won the Graduate College’s Research Excellence Award in the academic year 2023-2024.

The Graduate College awards are given annually to the most deserving graduating students for their achievements during their studies at NTU, and to their advisors. The Research Excellence Award recognises original, creative, and widely disseminated student research with significant impact on the field or society.

Our heartiest congratulations on his well-deserved recognition!


Dr. Lim Yu Jie, an NTU alumnus who graduated in January 2023 under the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme of Graduate College has won the American Water Works Association's 2024 Academic Achievement Award. His thesis, titled ‘Fabrication of high-performance thin-film composite and nanochannel-enabled next-generation membranes for water desalination’, was selected as the First Place Award for the best Doctoral Dissertation. Yu Jie’s work was conducted under the supervision of Professor Wang Rong at the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) at Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI).

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water. The Academic Achievement Award recognizes graduate students and their professors that have made outstanding contributions to the field of public water supply. The past recipients of the award include PhD students from University of California, Los Angeles (2023), University of Toronto (2022), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2019). It is worth mentioning that the First Place Award has been given to a non-North American university only twice in the past 15 years, with Prof. Wang Rong’s group at NTU being the recipient both times.

On 6 May 2024, our IGP Student Club committee organised an IGP Colloquium for their fellow NTU college peers. We were honoured to have Prof Renaud Bachelot as our Guest Speaker.

Prof Renaud Bachelot explored the topic of  “Nanophotonics at the University of Technology of Troyes, France”, he provided valuable perspectives on the point on modern information and communication technologies request higher bandwidth and more efficient energy data communication to solve the challenge of increasing data traffic . Additionally, he also discussed the different regimes of coupling between an active medium and a metallic nanoparticle that is seen as a nanocavity or a nanoantenna.

The session was definitely informative and enriching for our NTU students!


On 3 Apr 2024, our IGP Student Club committee hosted an IGP Colloquium for their NTU college peers, featuring Prof Hanwang Zhang as our Guest Speaker.

Prof Hanwang Zhang delved into the current trend of ChatGPT and AI, prompting discussions on around why ChatGPT is considered the most intelligent AI ever developed, and how we define intelligence. Leveraging his vast expertise and background in research and development in computer vision and deep learning, he shared numerous valuable insights and lessons during the session, making it both enriching and enlightening for the students.


On 28 Mar 2024, our IGP Student Club committee organised an IGP Distinguished Lecture for their fellow NTU college peers. We were honoured to have Prof Yonggang Wen as our Guest Speaker.

Leveraging his vintage photographs, Prof Yonggang Wen took us on a visual journey through his PhD experiences at one of the world’s leading institutions, MIT. During this session, he imparted valuable insights on delivering engaging presentations, effective research techniques, and the joys of intellectual exploration.

The PhD students found the session relatable and very inspiring! They had so many key takeaway points from this impactful session.

On 12 Mar 2024, our IGP Student Club committee hosted an IGP Colloquium for their NTU college peers, featuring Prof Foo Maw Der as our Guest Speaker.

Prof Foo Maw Der explored the theme of “Why Singapore is at the forefront of global innovation and entrepreneurship”, highlighting Singapore’s strengths in facilitating access to risk capital and the availability of business-friendly environments to foster a vibrant startup ecosystem. Additionally, he also provided valuable perspectives on how the Academy’s programs are uniquely designed to support and empower emerging entrepreneurs within NTU.

The session was definitely informative and inspiring for aspiring young entrepreneurs!

IGP-CL by Prof Xavier Garbet - 1
IGP-CL by Prof Xavier Garbet - 2

On 22 February 2024, our IGP Student Club committee organised an IGP Colloquium for their fellow NTU college peers. We were honoured to have Prof Xavier Garbet as our Guest Speaker.

Prof Xavier delved into the topic of “Towards fusion energy: status and plans”, providing an introduction to plasma physics and technology, with some focus on tokamaks – the most advanced magnetic configuration so far. Additionally, he shared valuable insights on alternative schemes to tokamaks and discussed recent developments and initiatives within the private sectors.

It was truly gratifying to see more than 150 attendees gather for this enlightening and enriching Colloquium session!

A memorable Hari Raya Celebration took place on 17th April 2024.

Our IGP students and NTU staff came together to play traditional games, take part in an engaging quiz segment, and indulge themselves in the Malay cuisine. Lasting memories were created during this awesome community gathering!

On the 15th of February, NTUGC was buzzing with the vibrant energy of Lunar New Year

Our IGP students and NTU staff came together for an unforgettable celebration filled with tradition and joy. From enchanting lion dance performances to friendly competition with classic games like Chapteh and Pick Up Sticks, every moment was filled with laughter and camaraderie. And let's not forget the thrill of Kahoot and the anticipation of the lucky draw, adding an extra sparkle to the festivities!

Throwback to the IGP Orientation 2024 on January 11th, where IGP students gathered for a transformative experience. Valuable insights were shared, easing their transition into university life. Connections were made with peers, seniors, and faculty, marking the beginning of a memorable journey.

IGP PhD graduate Lee Kelvin (1st from left) has won the 1st Best Paper Award at CASPT and TransitData2022 for the paper "Path-Oriented Synchronised Scheduling Using Time-Dependent Data" in Tel-Aviv, Israel, after two rounds of submissions due to the Covid-19 delay. The study addresses the growing need for seamless transfers between different modes of public transportation by introducing path-oriented scheduling and integrating time-dependent travel time data.

He was also awarded the Third Prize at the International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies 2023 in Hong Kong for the paper on "Enhancing Fixed Transit Services with Demand-Responsive Limited-Stop Services Considering Alternative Routes" . The study proposes a model that reallocates buses in real-time based on observed or predicted travel demands to address the inefficiencies of conventional bus services and cater to the demands better. Unlike traditional stop-skipping approaches, the proposed limited-stop service dynamically adjusts routes and allows buses to detour to shorter alternatives, optimizing resource utilization and reducing passenger travel times.

Kelvin is supervised by Prof Su Rong (EEE (CoE)) and Prof Arvind Easwaran (SCSE (CCDS)).  The awards were based on his innovative approach to optimizing public transport operations and improving fixed transit services respectively. Congratulations Kelvin!

IGP PhD student Muhammad Naeem Nadzri was featured in a Straits Times article on 13th November 2023 for his notable work and pursuits. Naeem was deeply moved to take action against the global water crisis after learning about the devastating floods that ravaged Pakistan in 2022. Concerned by the impact of climate change on water scarcity especially in developing countries, he strives to contribute meaningfully to sustainable water solutions and emphasizes the need for global collaboration to ensure water security for all.

As part of inaugural Singapore Climate Youth Development Programme (CYDP), Naeem is set to participate as a youth delegate in the UN Climate Conference COP28 in the UAE to engage in global climate change discussions, focusing on water scarcity issues due to droughts and floods.

Congratulations Naeem! It’s inspiring to see your hard work and dedication recognized in the media.

Original article: https://str.sg/iNRT

Throwback to the vibrant Deepavali celebration with NTUGC on November 15th! ✨ We immersed ourselves in the festive spirit alongside our esteemed faculty and students, engaging in quizzes and a thrilling lucky draw. The event was highlighted by the mesmerizing traditional performance of NTU's Indian dance crew, complemented by a diverse array of culinary delights that spread joy among all our attendees! 😋

24 Oct 2023

10 Oct 2023
IGP Colloquium

IGP PhD student Jerome Tan (3rd from right) has won the Best Oral Presentation Award (SYIS) at the TERMIS-AP 2023. The TERMIS-AP chapter specifically focuses on the Asia-Pacific region and organizes conferences, events, and initiatives to foster research and collaboration in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine within this geographical area. This year, it was organised at the Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong from 16-19 October 2023. 

Jerome is a 3rd year IGP student supervised by Prof Chew Sing Yan (CCEB) and Prof Lim Kah Leong (LKCM). The award was based on his presentation on the use of impedance, a label-free technology to obtain electrical properties of cells, as a quality and safety check for spinal cord injury cell therapy manufacturing pipelines. Congratulations Jerome!

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IGP PhD student Brandon Wong has won the Best Oral Presentation GOLD award for the SHBC-2023. SHBC (Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress) is Singapore NHG's annual flagship event. This high-level conference is attended by over 3,000 local and international delegates. This year, it was organized at the Singapore Expo 12-13 October 2023.

Brandon is a fourth year IGP PhD student supervised by Asst Prof Navin Kumar Verma (LKC) and Prof. Richard Webster (SPMS). The award is based on part of his PhD research explaining how high extracellular K+ ions in the tumour microenvironment inhibits T-cell motility. Congratulations Brandon !

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