Support Scents of Belonging

A refreshing scent gift conceptualised by NTU for its supporters, Scents of Belonging aims to evoke a sense of affinity with the University. The layering of citrus and floral scent notes reminds one of the NTU Smart Campus surrounded by lush greenery and sustainable infrastructure, inspiring a deeper conversation on the shared experiences and memories among alumni, donors and supporters, as well as reinforcing their sense of belonging.

Whether you pledge a recurring gift to support an NTU school of your choice or establish an endowed gift, your gift to NTU will help the University in a wide array of impactful ways, such as supporting promising undergraduates facing financial difficulties.

Recurring Giving Programme

Recurring giving forms the bedrock of NTU’s fundraising efforts. By pledging a regular donation, you help to provide NTU with a stable and sustained source of support for NTU’s financially needy students, academic programmes, and world-class research.

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Endowments – Major Giving Programme

Endowed gifts grow over time in perpetuity. You can specify the area of support you wish your endowed gift to go towards, be it establishing bursaries and scholarships, advancing research, or enhancing learning facilities.

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By giving back to the University, you help to create a positive impact on the advancement of NTU. 

Unveiling of Scents

The Making of Scents of Belonging

Scents of Belonging was conceptualised in collaboration with local artisan perfumery Scent by SIX, founded by NTU alumnus Jason Lee (TIP/2010), standing on the left, based on conversations with NTU alumni, students, faculty and staff about what NTU means to them.

Unveiled on 23 March 2023, the scent gift aims to evoke a stronger sense of affinity among NTU alumni, donors and supporters with the University. It inspires a deeper conversation about their shared experiences and memories of NTU, and what it means to belong. 

Scents of Belonging features bergamot, lemon, and seamarine that form the fresh citrus top notes. These are creatively blended with soothing, floral scents of rose and freesia. The base notes of wood and musk are reminiscent of NTU’s modern infrastructure juxtaposed with heritage buildings.