Published on 05 Oct 2021

GAIN Industry Speaker Series - Motorola

Mr David Lum, Director of Technical Pre-Sales Support, Motorola Solutions, Inc., on Motorola Solutions: Building Safer Cities and Communities

GAIN Industry Speaker Series featuring Mr David Lum, Motorola Solutions

For the Industry Speaker Series organised by the Global Alliance of Industries @ NTU (GAIN) on August 30th, 2021, we had Mr David Lum, Director of Technical Pre-Sales Support from Motorola Solutions as our guest. In the 90 min session, Mr Lum shared about Motorola’s current technology portfolio and target markets. He also talked about the company’s new strategic direction and how this will help both the government and industries thrive in the present and be future-ready. 

The Motorola’s story in Singapore spans a period of more than 48 years. From its early days as a walkie-talkie cum cell phone provider to its current position as a market leader in mission-critical communications, we learned about the interesting industrial applications of communication devices and more importantly, how Motorola’s development has evolved in tandem with the needs of the country and various key industries.  

The session ended with a lively Q & A session moderated by Dr Teh Lay Kuan.