Published on 15 Sep 2021

EcoLabs Partners with Ara Ake for a Two Years Programme on Low Carbon Technology Translation

First published online at Ara Ake 

EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy and Ara Ake, New Zealand’s new energy centre, based in Taranaki have signed a partnership to facilitate the deployment of energy innovation demonstration ‘testbeds’ in Aotearoa. 

The partnership will facilitate the establishment of  ‘real world’ technology demonstration sites, also known as ‘testbeds’, for validating innovative low emissions technology at scale in New Zealand. This will support Ara Ake’s purpose to accelerate the demonstration and commercialisation of energy innovation by leveraging EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy's know-how and vast experience in the deployment of demonstration testbeds for energy innovators in the Asia Pacific region. 

Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar, Executive Director of the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N), says, “We are delighted with this partnership, as it will provide us with the platform to develop capability to institutionalise the validation and test bedding of novel low emissions energy solutions in real world conditions. This will lead to joint deployment of energy innovation technologies in New Zealand and Singapore.”