Mr Lo Kien Foh

Lo Kien FohMr Lo Kien Foh is currently President and CEO of Continental Automotive Singapore, having been promoted from Managing Director in January 2019. He has spent over 30 years with the German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company. As a fresh graduate in 1988, Mr Lo started out as an Electronic Engineer, where he worked on schematic circuit, ranging from analogue & power circuitry to digital signal analysis. A passionate engineer, he went on to obtain a Master of Engineering from NUS in 1994. Mr Lo also has a Master of Finance from RMIT University.

In 1998, Mr Lo was asked to head the Electronic, Mechanical and Software teams, and later, in 2000, the entire Product Development group. He led the team to design and develop infotainment and multimedia products for the aftermarket and automotive OEM customers worldwide. From there, Mr Lo progressed to become Director of R&D in 2004, followed by Vice President of R&D in 2006, where he led the Singapore and China teams to design and develop all interior electronic systems for worldwide aftermarket and OEM customers. In 2007, he was appointed COO.

As Continental Automotive Singapore’s Managing Director, he doubled the organisation’s headcount from 650 (in 2012) in just four years. Another highlight for Mr Lo was the 2012 inauguration of the first Continental Automotive R&D Centre in Singapore, one of Continental’s largest in Asia. Its success led Continental to invest S$29.7 million in an R&D Extension Building just two years later. A third seven-storey building, with a floor space of approximately 11,000 square meters, followed in 2018.

Mr Lo also pushed for the creation of the Continental-NTU Corporate Lab, a S$50 million joint corporate laboratory between NTU and Continental that focuses on developing technologically advanced solutions in areas such as autonomous robotics, navigation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, smart materials, sensing, communication, and cloud technologies for future urban mobility applications. He also serves on the NTU Board of Trustees and as Chair of the NTU Alumni and Development Committee, where he focuses on alumni engagement.

In addition, Mr Lo sits on the advisory boards of the Singapore Institute of Technology and TUMCREATE [read as TUM Create], as well as the Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore.

In recognition of his extraordinary milestones as a leader with Continental Automotive Singapore, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Nanyang Technological University, is proud to present Mr Lo Kien Foh with the EEE Outstanding Alumni Award.