Enabling Digital Transformations in the Workforce: Perspectives of Leadership and Learning

09 Jul 2021 02.00 PM - 04.00 PM Zoom Webinar Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Public

Join us in the upcoming CRADLE Connects session for a meaningful sharing and discussion about digital transformation in the workforce. Our speakers from IAL and OCBC will share insightful perspectives from industry and academia relevant to leading and enabling effective digital transformation. Click on the registration link for more information about speakers and to register. 

Dr. Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan

Future Smart Future Workforce: Forging a Transformative Learning Culture for Sustainable Growth

In this talk, Jen will share the journey taken by Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC), a major Asian financial service provider and employer, in building a transformative learning organisation for sustainable growth. Against key macro shifts in techno-economic landscapes that exert immense pressures on financial institutions (FIs), Jen will outline the distinctive approach taken by OCBC to invest in a strong learning culture to drive adaptivity, resilience and sustainable futures—for employees, the organisation and its wider ecosystem. OCBC’s unique approach is grounded upon the organisation’s broader purpose, values and goals for enduring change. She will close with a critical analysis of the key tensions experienced along this journey, in the hopes of stimulating dialogue and drawing collective insights that are meaningful for a wider community of social scientists, practitioners and policymakers vested in the global agenda of workplace and adult learning.

Sahara Sadik

Digital innovation, talent management and divergent opportunities

In this talk, Sahara will share findings from ongoing research that the process of digital innovation often grafts onto existing opportunities and inequalities. The start point of digital transformation is not the digital journey itself, but underlying organisational structures and assumptions of who is valued and trusted on this journey. Organisations with a generous view of their talent engage and empower their workforce very differently than those who operate with a limited view of talent. Leaders who are serious about enabling digital transformation in their organisation may have to disrupt their own views of their workforce, if they are serious about harnessing their human capital to capitalise on opportunities brought about by new technologies.