Published on 28 Feb 2024

SCSE Team wins Distinguished Paper Award at Artificial Intelligence System with Confidential Computing (AISCC 2024)

Photo of postgrads received the Distinguished Paper Award.SCSE postgraduates, Liu Yi (left, in blue jacket) and Deng Gelei (right, in white jacket) received the award on 26 Feb at the workshop on Artificial Intelligence System with Confidential Computing (AISCC 2024), co-located with NDSS Symposium 2024, San Diego, CA. 

In a significant achievement for the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE), a collaborative team comprising students Deng Gelei, Liu Yi, and faculty members Professor Liu Yang and Assistant Professor Zhang Tianwei have been honored with a Distinguished Paper Award at the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence System with Confidential Computing (AISCC 2024). This prestigious recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality and significance of their research paper titled "PANDORA: Jailbreak GPTs by Retrieval Augmented Generation Poisoning". 

The AISCC 2024, held concurrently with the NDSS Symposium in San Diego, CA, focuses on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Confidential Computing. This field has gained paramount importance as AI continues to revolutionize various sectors, raising critical security, privacy, and safety concerns. The workshop aims to address the challenges posed by AI advancements and explores the role of Confidential Computing in creating secure environments for AI applications. 

This year's workshop highlighted the importance of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and their application in enhancing AI security and privacy. Following the release of NVIDIA’s H100, the utilization of TEEs in real-world AI applications has seen practical advancements, marking a crucial area of research and development. 

The awarded paper, "PANDORA: Jailbreak GPTs by Retrieval Augmented Generation Poisoning," addresses critical vulnerabilities in Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), offering novel insights and methodologies in mitigating risks associated with AI systems. The collaborative effort reflects the combined expertise of the SCSE team and their contribution to advancing the field of AI security. 

The AISCC workshop serves as a vital platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration between researchers and practitioners in the domains of AI and Confidential Computing. The award received by the SCSE team underscores their impactful contribution to this evolving field and sets a benchmark for future research endeavors. 

The SCSE community extends its heartfelt congratulations to Deng Gelei, Liu Yi, Professor Liu Yang, and Assistant Professor Zhang Tianwei for their outstanding achievement and for bringing honor to the institution. 

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