Published on 27 Feb 2024

National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship

The Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) fellowship Scheme is a competitive programme that seeks to attract, recruit and root outstanding young scientists from around the world to conduct independent research in Singapore. 

The Singapore NRF Fellowship Scheme aims to build up a pool of bright, passionate researchers in various fields of science and technology to help us advance our scientific and technological edge.

Photo of Asst Prof Pan Xingang

Asst/P Pan Xingang

Class of 2024


Research Title: AI-Human Collaborative High-Quality 3D Content Generation
Photo of Asst Prof Zhang Mengmi

Asst/P Zhang Mengmi

Class of 2023


Research Title: What AI cannot do but Humans can: Closing Gaps in Visual Search Efficiency between AIs and Humans with Neuroscience-inspired Approaches
Photo of Assoc Prof Li Boyang

A/P Li Boyang

Class of 2021


Research Title: Constructing Event-level Narrative Intelligence from the Ground Up