Published on 05 Jan 2024

2022 IEEE TSE Best Paper Award

IEEE webpage - Paper Abstract
The 2022 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Best Paper Award has been awarded to a research paper authored by Dr Jie M. Zhang (Lecturer) at University College London, Prof Mark Harman Research Scientist at Meta & Professor at University College London, Assoc Prof Lei Ma at Tokyo University, and Prof Liu Yang (photo on the left) from SCSE, Nanyang Technological University, titled "Machine Learning Testing: Survey, Landscapes and Horizons". This paper has earned the singular distinction of being the sole recipient among 276 outstanding papers published in the flagship journal of software engineering research, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), throughout the year. 

Image of graph and pie chart.The paper provides an extensive survey of Machine Learning Testing (ML testing) techniques, encompassing topics such as testing properties, components, workflow, and application scenarios within the realm of machine learning systems. It not only delves into various aspects of ML testing but also offers valuable insights into emerging trends, research focus, datasets, and challenges, paving the way for promising future directions in the field. This paper has attracted more than 750 citations based on GoogleScholar.

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