Published on 22 Jan 2024

2023 Google PhD Fellowship

Photo of NTU-SCSE PhD student, Hu Qinghao.Mr HU Qinghao is supervised by Asst Prof ZHANG Tianwei and Prof WEN Yonggang at S-Lab and is currently in his final year of PhD study. Qinghao’s PhD project is on machine learning systems, datacenter management and scheduling. He has published his PhD work as the first author in top-tier conferences, including NSDI ‘24, OSDI ‘23, ASPLOS '23, ATC '22 and SC '21, in the field of computer system, networking and high performance computing. Notably, Qinghao received Distinguished Paper Award of ASPLOS ’23 and Youth Outstanding Paper Award of WAIC ‘23. He is also a recipient of the “Systems and Networking” area of the Google Fellowship 2023 Award.
Photo of NTU-SCSE PhD student, Huang Ziqi.Ms HUANG Ziqi is a PhD student at MMLab@NTUNanyang Technological University, supervised by Asst Prof LIU Ziwei. Her current research interests include generative models, visual generation and manipulation. She has published her works in CVPR, ICCV, ICIP, and TPAMI. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from NTU in 2022, and is awarded the  LEE Kuan Yew Gold Medal. She is also a recipient of the “Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision” area of the Google PhD Fellowship 2023 Award.