Green Marketing and Sustainability Communications

Research areas/topics on Business Sustainability at Marketing Division include:

  • Antecedents of environment-friendly behaviour among consumers
  • Environmental concerns of Southeast Asian consumers
  • Thought leadership articles on corporate sustainability in the local newspaper Business Times
  • Case studies published through the Asian Business Case Center (ABCC)

Since 2013, several faculty members from the Marketing Division have contributed numerous articles on green marketing, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable  tourism to the Business Times, the daily business newspaper published in Singapore.

Selected publications:

  • Khoo H. M., (2015) “SBF-NBS Case Booklet on Sustainable Organizations in Singapore”.
  • Khoo H. M., (2013) “Green Marketing for a Sustainable Future”, The Business Times, 20 August.
  • Ghaderi, Z. and Henderson, J.C. (2013) Japanese Tsunami Debris and the Threat to Sustainable Tourism in the Hawaiian Islands. Tourism Management Perspectives, 8, 98-105
  • Ghaderi, Z. and Henderson, J.C. (2012) Sustainable Rural Tourism in Iran: A Perspective from Hawaraman Village. Tourism Management Perspectives, 2-3, 47-54.
  • Henderson, J.C. (2010) New Visitor Attractions in Singapore and Sustainable Destination Development - Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 2(3), 251-261.
  • Henderson, J.C. (2007) Corporate Social Responsibility and Tourism: Hotel Companies in Phuket, Thailand, after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 26(1), 228-239.​

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