Nestled within Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the research-intensive university renowned for its innovation and technology, is one of Asia’s top business schools, Nanyang Business School (NBS).

At NBS, our holistic approach to teaching equips our accountancy and business undergraduates with a positive, can-do mindset. It enables them to go forward and innovate for the future, forge new paths, and become globally-minded leaders.

And it all starts with our NBS Advantage.



The NBS Advantage

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Group of undergraduates standing in front of a Nanyang Business School building

Map your route to your chosen degree

Our undergraduate programmes give you flexibility in terms of duration, disciplines, minors, and majors. You can study three years for a renowned accounting or business degree, or go the extra mile for a much sought-after double degree in as little as four years.

Nanyang Business School students around a table in discussion with professor in class

Get in-demand skills for today’s digital world

Taught by domain experts from NTU, our programmes integrate cutting-edge digital and data analytics components, including AI, machine learning, blockchain, and data visualisation.

Two young professional executives at Nanyang Business School looking in the same direction

Gain work experience as you study

Thanks to our close industry ties, a world of internship, mentoring, and networking opportunities awaits, across every field, from finance to engineering and logistics.

Students in casual discussion

Immerse yourself in a truly vibrant campus

With our truly holistic approach to education, beyond coursework and grades, you can also develop your leadership potential, hone your problem-solving ability, and give back to the community.


Kickstart your career from the get-go

Our expert recruitment team will help to map your career journey, build your professional network, and land roles that best fit your skills, interests, and values.

Where aspirations take flight

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BA Accountancy - Mohamed Idris Zuhayr


Mohamed Idris Zuhayr

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BA Business (Marketing) - Wu Jia Hui

Business (Marketing)

Jade Wu

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BA Accountancy - Lee Shu Ting, Starrie


Starrie Lee

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BA Business (Marketing) - Tay Kuan Yu

Business (Marketing)

Tay Kuan Yu

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BA Accountancy - Lin Jiele


Lin Jie Le

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Human Resources Consulting - Chung Tze Ling & Chung Tze Hui

Business (Human Resource Consulting)

Chung Tze Ling & Chung Tze Hui

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BA Business (Banking and Finance PBL) - Mahir Murtaza

Business (Banking & Finance)

Mahir Murtaza

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Human Resources Consulting - Neo Xin Wen

Business (Human Resource Consulting)

Neo Xin Wen

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