Watanan Petersik

CIMB Thai and PTT Global Chemical​

Watanan Petersik has been in the finance industry for over 30 years. During her banking career, she held senior management positions in research and investment banking for a series of European and American firms in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Since retiring from full-time banking, Watanan has been engaged with both private and social sector organisations and is interested in the intersection between the two parts of society. She is on the boards of CIMB Group Holdings (Malaysia), and CIMBThai and PTTGC in Thailand. She is also a Director of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation in Singapore, and is on the Emerging Markets Standards Advisory Committee for B Corps. Watanan is a Senior Moderator for the Aspen Institute, involved with their work in Africa and the U.S. She has a BA from Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.​