Sajen Aswani

Chief Executive Officer
Tolaram Group

Sajen Aswani is a third-generation member of Tolaram Group, a family-owned enterprise. Founded in 1948, the Singapore-based company spans across several business sectors - manufacturing of food, paper and textile, as well as marketing and distribution, financial services and real estate developments in 6 countries.

Sajen has been the Group’s Chief Executive since the year 2000, with more than 30 years of experience in managing and developing industrial and trading operation in Asia, Europe, Africa and USA. He has lived in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, England, Nigeria and South Africa at various points in his life. 

He also holds several non-profit positions, namely:

• Director – Family Business Network (FBN) International (
• Advisor - Business Families Foundation (Canada)  (
• Member - Centre for African Studies (​)

Professionally, Sajen aspires to find new areas of growth for the Group, as well as groom the next generation of leaders, while ensuring that Tolaram retains its strong culture and stays true to its values.

Personally, he seeks to continue on his learning journey.

Sajen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from University College, London (1983) and a Masters in Management Science from Imperial College, London (1984).