Published on 03 Mar 2021

​Record high employment rate for ASE class of 2020

Employment rate up 8% to 95.5% for EESS programme.

Happy graduates of ASE class of 2020.


The latest graduate employment survey is great news for ASE with the highest employment rate in the College of Science for our flagship programme Environmental Earth System Science (EESS), at 95.5%. As many as 43% of students had accepted a (future) job offer within the month of graduation (21% accepted future job offer before that and 28.5% after).

The greatest challenge for the new graduates was finding jobs to apply for that matched their career interest. They accessed jobs mainly (86%) through websites like,, and NTU recruitment events, career services & online job portal also helped many (73%). Half of the new graduates got their new job through an internship or attachment, and many initiated contacts with their employer by writing or visiting. The connections of family and friends helped in 36% of cases.

The top occupations and industry sectors of ASE graduates (see figure below) shows an incredible spread across sectors, a testiment to the need for environmental knowledge and scientific skills across many different work fields. The statistics apply to EESS, and not our double major programme ESPP, as it has not been running long enough for the first batch to graduate yet.