Published on 30 Sep 2021

ASE graduates David Mah and Leow Si Lei win Keppel Environmental Studies Gold Medal

David Mah and Leow Si Lei, graduates of ASE Class of 2021.

Our warmest congratulations to ASE graduates, David Mah and Leow Si Lei, on being awarded the Keppel Environmental Studies Gold Medal! The medal is awarded to graduating students who has obtained the highest cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Systems Science.

Science@NTU has caught up with the fellow graduates to talk about their experience from ASE and what the future holds.

Q1. Could you give a basic introduction of yourself + how you feel about this award?

David: My name is David Mah, and I’m currently working at the Monetary Authority of Singapore as an Associate in the green finance and asset management team. Our team works to promote financing solutions for sustainable activities as well as to develop the systemic structures for an orderly climate transition. I am honoured to be awarded the Keppel Environmental Studies Gold Medal. Thank you.

Si Lei: I am Si Lei and I am an EESS graduate who specialised in Geoscience. I am extremely honoured to have been awarded the Keppel Environmental Studies Gold Medal. Thank you Keppel for this opportunity.

Q2. What are the most important things you learnt from your undergraduate days?

David: While the course content for the programme is interesting and exciting, it is only about 30% of the whole learning experience. I think the most important learning outcomes were in how to manage my time, how to work in groups, how to work autonomously, and how to interact with others.

Si Lei: It would definitely have to be the ability to think from more than one perspective. When we study about the environment, we have to understand how every other aspect of the world is intertwined. The faculty members in ASE have definitely done a great job in providing complex and realistic issues for us to ponder over, giving us many opportunities to develop our critical thinking skills and abilities to solve problems. This skill is not just applicable to academics, but also every other aspects of our lives and work.

Q3. What are your next steps?

David: I recently started my career at MAS about 2 months ago. Since then, I’ve learnt and experienced so many things. While I can’t say for certain what the future holds, I hope to be able to delve deeper into this field of green finance for now.

Si Lei: I am currently in the Civil Service, working for the Singapore Armed Forces. Even though my job might not be directly related to what I have learned in Geoscience, the ability to think and develop opinions of my own have definitely aided me to kickstart my career.

Q4. Any advice for prospective or new ASE undergraduates?

David: Keep an open mind, opportunities come when you least expect it. Be proactive, you are responsible for your own education. Don’t study too hard, there’s more to university than your academics.

Si Lei: Your undergraduate life would be a time for you to explore new things and figure out what you like and what you don't! Don’t ever be afraid to try and make mistakes. We all do and we grow from these experiences. It is what makes our undergraduate life vibrant and exciting!