CoHASS Conference 2022


This year, NTU School of Art, Design and Media is proud to be hosting the CoHASS Conference 2022 for graduate students, held across two days from 14 to 15 October 2022. Eminent professors, corporate leaders, industrial players, and distinguished conference attendees will be gracing this event, which will be the first held since 2019. 

It has been a challenge for academics to present their research during the past two years, even more for emerging arts, humanities, and social science scholars. The CoHASS Conference thus provides a free platform to showcase papers that are pertinent in this restless era. 

Conference Schedule

Day 1




Guest Involved

1300 - 1330


1330 - 1400

Opening address by Assoc Prof Ng Bee Chin, Associate Dean (Graduate Education) of CoHASS

Assoc Prof Ng Bee Chin (Graduate Education of CoHASS)

1400 - 1600

Session 1: Art and Society

[1] Gong Ze (ADM PhD) - Film Sound Style And Sound Workers’ Struggle in Chinese film in 1980s
[2] Debbie Ding (ADM PhD) - The Collector: Commodity Flows and Aesthetics
[3] Donovan Tan (ADM MA, Research) - An Investigation of Social Design on Driving Social Acceptance of National Campaigns in Singapore
[4] Ong Kian Peng (ADM PhD) - Towards Oceanic Consciousness: Art in the Time of Useful Consciousness
[5] Wang Zheng, Moham (ADM PhD) - The Challenge and Future of Nanyang School: In the Age of New Media and Globalization

☆ 1st Best Paper Award

Mr Luke Chua (National Library Board)

Dr Karin Oen (SoH)

Assoc Prof Dion Goh

1600 - 1730

Day 1 Closing
Tea Break and Networking

Day 2




Guest Involved

0900 - 0930

Registration and morning coffee

0930 - 1000

Opening address 

1000 - 1200

Session 2: Art, Wellbeing and Spirituality

[1] Daniel Kong Wei Ming (SoH MA, English) - Embodying the Performative Present in the Theatre of Melati Suryodarmo
[2] Choong Wen Tai, Wayne (SSS PhD) - Digital Christianity: How Digitalization Affects the Christian Beliefs and Practices of Young People
[3] Chin Shi Xian, Eunice (SoH MA, English) - “Here is My Mind, There is My Brain”: Cryonics and the Mind-in-suspension in Don Delillo’s Zero K
[4] Hillary Ho (NIE MA, Counselling Psych) - Understanding the Person – Centered Approach in Counselling and Therapy
[5] Li Dailin (SoH PhD, Chinese) - Homeward Exile: The Rethinking of Life in Soul Mountain

☆ 2nd Best Paper Award

Ms Kng Main Tze (National Gallery) 

Assoc Prof Winnie Sung (SoH)

Ms Michelle Ho
(ADM Gallery)

1200 - 1300

Lunch Break and Networking

1300 - 1400

Session 3: New Perspectives on Art History

[1] Ellice Wu (ADM PhD) - The Travelling Image of Britannia: From Britain to Singapore
[2] Yi Yinzi (ADM PhD)- From Tools of Criticality to Apparatus of Control: Manuals of Art-by-instruction from the 1960s to the 1990s
[3] Jessy Niu Jiahui (WKW MSc, Info Studies) - Rediscover the Silk Road: a Text Analysis of the Exhibits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dr Karin Oen(SoH) 

Mr Ruben de la Nuez(SoH/ADM)

1400 - 1500

Session 4: Display Technology Applications

[1] Christopher Lee (ADM MA, Research) - Engagement Through Pixel Realism in Video Games
[2] Dexter Fang (ADM MA, Research) - Immersion, Persence and Embodiment a Study of Avatars Within a Virtual Space
[3] Zhang Xiao Jie (SSS PhD, Economics) - The Power of Public Listing in Innovation

☆ 3rd Best Paper Award

Mr Jonathan Lee (General Assembly)


Closing by Assoc Prof Danne Ojeda

Assoc Prof Danne Ojeda (ADM)


Afternoon Coffee Break and Networking

This will be a physical conference, to be held at ADM Auditorium located at level 2 of ADM building.

Each presentation session will feature student presentations of 10 minutes presentation each, finally concluding each session with a focus group of 10 minutes involving panellists of industry experts and internal faculty.


Conference Booklet

Please scan this QR code for a soft copy of the conference booklet, which contains details about the schedule, list of panellists, presenters and abstracts.


Important Dates for Presenters and Crew





10 Oct      


7pm - 8pm

Briefing on Presentation Submission (Zoom)

ID: 8231211306

PW: 801134

13 Oct


2pm - 8pm

Rehearsal and Event Preparation

14 Oct

Presenters and Crew

1pm – 5:30pm

Conference Day 1

15 Oct

Presenters and Crew

9am – 4:30pm

Conference Day 2