Sociology Community Fund

NTU Sociology is committed to building an environment where all our students, regardless of background, are able to thrive.  The Sociology Community Fund draws from the Sociology community—faculty, alumni, and other donors.
Funds will be used to support students who have emergency financial needs, as well as for academic and social activities that benefit the student body.
Open to all full-time undergraduates and post-graduate students enrolled in Sociology.
Applying for Emergency Assistance: Sociology students who would like to apply for emergency assistance should send an email to with the following information:
•                     Name
•                     Matric number
•                     Contact information
•                     Nature of emergency
Applying for Student Activities: Sociology students who would like to apply for support for student activities should send an email to with the following information at least six weeks before the proposed date of activity:
•                     Name(s) of organiser
•                     Nature of activity
•                     Date of activity
•                     Budget
Contributing to the Sociology Community Fund: Please follow this link to contribute to the SCF.
We thank you for contributing to the Sociology community!