Psychology in the School of Social Sciences (SSS) offers scientific and practical training to introduce students to the field of psychology. It introduces students to the professional practices of psychologists and prepares students with the required skills and training for postgraduate studies should they prefer to carry on their education as a psychologist or behavioural researcher. Currently, the School has 18 full-time Psychology faculty members with postgraduate degrees from prominent universities in North America, Europe, and Asia. The School educates some 1,500 NTU students each semester within our core and elective psychology modules, and we have about 500 undergraduate students and 40 graduate research students currently enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate psychology programmes.


Psychological inquiry is characterised by the quest to understand human behaviour. It is an integral aspect of the School of Social Sciences at NTU, and students are actively encouraged to become involved in research projects. In general, psychological research is driven by three primary goals: to describe, to predict, and to control behaviour.

All faculty members are actively involved in research work. The School welcomes dedicated and experienced researchers to join its ranks and carry out internationally accredited projects. We have several academic staff who have received international and national distinctions and awards.


NTU Psychology is home to the following research laboratories: Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Motive Assessment and Adolescent Behaviors Research Laboratory, and Human Developmental Laboratory
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