Published on 09 Oct 2021

Is China the 'Country X' Singapore's foreign interference law dare not name? 'There are no angels in this game', Shanmugam says

South China Morning Post

During the debate on Singapore’s new foreign interference law, the Ministry of Home Affairs has avoided directly stating which countries were the key perpetrators of foreign influence operations, even as it underscored the urgency of the new law. 

Dylan Loh, an assistant professor of public policy and global affairs at the NTU, said the likes of the United States and Britain had little restraint in naming suspected sources of hostile information campaigns as they had the “resources to manage the repercussions”. “For smaller countries like Singapore, ‘naming and shaming’ would almost be tantamount to the ‘nuclear option’ and we do not have to rely on this practice to get the message across,” the Singaporean professor said.

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Photo: on Unsplash